Saturday, March 15, 2014

What did I learn

It took 3 years and our startup is now over. Next time I will make sure it takes 6 months. After the first year I knew it was going to be a uphill battle to survive. I continued when I should have stopped. Building on someone's fantasy is not going to work. It was a mistake to substitute others' positive attributes like upbeat-ness with their lack of skills or necessary intelligence.

More than anything I want this post to be about mistakes to avoid when looking for a startup partner. This is my experience and everything here applies sufficiently to me although might be applicable to others who are similar enough to me (in which case it might make sense for us to have a coffee!)

It is very important that your partner thinks fast and talks fast and does shit fast. You can't keep going on and on. You gotta be able to do math in your head. If I read out 20 2-digit numbers you gotta be able to give me their sum as soon as I'm done with the last number.

Keep going on and on about the most trivial things is not helpful. Giving lectures to try to make a point no matter how obscure is not a good idea. If I haven't reached that conclusion personally you should not be lecturing me on it. You will be more wrong than me, and more often, not just more incorrectly! So you need to know this and internalize it, there is no point fighting this simple fact. It will be not easy for me to focus on my productive thoughts when I'm trying to avoid convincing you of that basic fact.

There are exception to the above, for example if you have a CS degree from MIT, or have written a high frequency trading algorithm for Goldman Sachs.

You need to be very technical, having 50 tabs open in chrome or not knowing what <CMD>+<Shift>+G does in Finder tells me otherwise. I think there are exceptions here again. This may not be a good indicator not just because there are some (though not a lot) very technical people who do have 50 tabs open, but also because a lot of people who have super badass workstations tend to not be able to focus on big picture stuff and have their minds stuck in a small cube like a lab rat in a glass box. Too much attention to detail seems to make their brains to reach its limit.

Person with great ideas.

Somewhat repetitive, again, it's vital to spit it out. Don't ponder, don't waste time, spit it out. Have something to say, say it, don't go around the bushes, don't give me a story about life and how the point you're trying to make fits into it, just spit it!

You can't be pretentious, so, sorry 99% of SF. Don't be too nice, or freaking extra polite, don't be rude of course, but now we're just talking about negatives. In many situations I find extra politeness poisonous to a conversation. Does politics come from "polite"?

You have to get my jokes, or at least try to really hard, otherwise I'll just be sad. You should also be funny, not stupid funny or as I like to call it external funny. That means you make fun of things when you see something in the news or on TV. You're not inherently funny you make fun of things or situations that happen and lend themselves to make fun of or were in many cases designed to, like anything you see in Jersey Shore.

You can't be fucking religious, get the fuck off my blog by the way.

As I mentioned you gotta think like me, or better and show me that you do, since I didn't figure that out myself of course.

So I want someone who believes in me like god (lower case on purpose), that's also partially why I said you can't already be religious.

Don't be smelly, disorganized, moody, hard to comprehend, unclean, or see me as inferior to you.

This to my next startup!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mass Follow Everyone on Twitter

Ever wanted to just follow everyone that gets recommended to you by Twitter? Because the quality of these recommendations are actually so good that you cannot resists not following everyone it recommends? And that you want to be popular on Twitter and think if you follow everyone Twitter wants you to follow you will become popular?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above you are not alone. But there seems to be an unlimited number of people that one would want to follow. And with Twitter's ever growing active user count of 250 million for all practical reasons there are really an unlimited number of people who share enough interests with you that you should be following. Well only if there was a way to just mass follow everyone that Twitter recommends in that nice Recommendation box on left column ie. "Who to follow"

Now there is an automated way to do this thanks to the genius of something called programming. Here is how you can do just that:

1. Go to Twitter using Chrome if you don't use Chrome stop reading my blog immediately and go to hell
2. Open Chrome's Inspector on Mac press: <CMD> + <Option> + J
3. Copy and paste this code and press <Enter>:

int=setInterval(function() {

By running that you'll follow someone new every 2.5 seconds for an indefinite amount of time. Just close your browser when you want it to stop.